Details of Generator Stator Cooling Water Filter SL-12/50

Details of Generator Stator Cooling Water Filter SL-12/50

The SL-12/50 stator cooling water filter element is an essential filter element in power plants and an important component for protecting the safe operation of generators. Yoyik will provide a detailed introduction about the SL-12/50 filter element.


The SL-12/50 stator cooling water filter element is a type of PP filter. It uses non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles, which are heated, melted, sprayed, pulled, and formed into a tubular filter element. Fibers are randomly bonded into three-dimensional microporous structures in space, integrating surface, deep, and coarse filtration, effectively filtering out suspended solids, particles, rust, and other impurities in the fluid.

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The detailed production process of the SL-12/50 filter element is as follows:

1. Material preparation: add polypropylene particles to the meltblown equipment and heat them to a molten state.

2. Melting and spraying: extrude the molten polypropylene into fine filaments, and then melt and spray the filaments into fine fibers with a diameter of 1-100 microns through a high-speed nozzle.

3. Formation of filter element: stacking fine fibers together to form a molded filter element. The thickness, density, and pore size of the filter element can be adjusted according to different filtration requirements.

4. Drying: Place the formed filter element in an oven for drying treatment to remove moisture.

5. Inspection: Check the size, density, filtration efficiency and other performance of the filter element to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.

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Due to the unique nature of the melt blown process, the SL-12/50 filter element can utilize the principles of physical filtration and surface capture for filtration. Specifically, the gaps between a large number of fine fibers formed by melt spraying form a three-dimensional pore structure. When the fluid flows into the filter from the inlet, it can block most of the particles, microorganisms, sediment, etc. through the gaps. In addition, the surface of PP fine fibers also has a certain electrostatic adsorption ability, which can absorb small particles and microorganisms with static charges, further improving filtration efficiency.


In addition, the SL-12/50 stator cooling water filter element also has the following technical advantages:

1. Extremely fine fiber diameter: The diameter of the fine fiber in the filter element is usually between 1-100 microns, which is finer than the fiber diameter of a regular filter element and can effectively filter small particles and microorganisms.

2. High porosity and large filtration area: The filter element has high porosity and large filtration area, which can increase the contact area between the filtering medium and the liquid and improve filtration efficiency.

3. Large specific surface area: The filter element is composed of a large number of fine fibers, with a large specific surface area, which can increase the ability of the surface to capture small particles and microorganisms.

4. Good physical stability: Polypropylene raw materials have good physical stability and are not prone to deformation, cracking, or leakage, which can ensure the stability and durability of filtration efficiency.

5. Safety and environmental protection: The material is non-toxic and odorless, and does not contain any harmful substances, making it safe to use.

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The advantages of filter SL-12/50 enable it to be widely used in power plants. It is mainly installed in the stator cooling water filter of the 300MW generators, which can effectively keep the cooling water system clean, keep the water quality of the system safe, protect the operation of equipment and prevent blockage.

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  • Post time: May-10-2023