Installing FAQ of PT100 Thermal Resistance for Turbine Bearings

Installing FAQ of PT100 Thermal Resistance for Turbine Bearings

In the temperature detection of steam turbine bearings, the commonly used thermal resistance is the PT100 type. In order to measure the temperature of bearings, PT100 thermal resistance are usually installed near the bearings and indirectly obtain the temperature by measuring the resistance value. The measurement of resistance value can be carried out using a bridge or resistance measuring equipment, usually requiring the conversion of resistance value into temperature value.

Tilting pad thrust bearing  (3)Tilting pad thrust bearing  (4)



Due to the vibration of turbine bearings, it may have a certain impact on the temperature measurement of the thermal resistance, which may cause the thermal resistance to detach from its original position or cause poor contact, thereby affecting the accuracy of temperature measurement.

platinum resistor temperature sensor WZPM-201 (6)


In order to reduce the impact of vibration on thermal resistance temperature measurement, the following measures can be taken to ensure good contact with the bearing to obtain accurate temperature measurement results:

  • Ensure stable installation of bearings and thermal resistance to reduce mechanical stress and the possibility of poor contact;
  • Select appropriate thermal resistance and installation locations to minimize the impact of vibration on temperature measurement as much as possible;
  • Combining other sensors, such as accelerometers or vibration sensors, to monitor and analyze bearing vibration to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of vibration on temperature measurement;
  • After installation, use a suitable bridge or resistance measuring equipment to measure the resistance and ensure its accuracy and stability.

platinum resistor temperature sensor WZPM-201 (1)platinum resistor temperature sensor WZPM-201 (4)



Yoyik recommends the following commonly used thermal resistance models for measuring bearing temperature.

WZPK2-233 WZP2-035 WZPK2-220
WZPK2-231-G1 WZPK-160 WZPK2-639
WZPK2-230 WZPK2-430 WZPM-014S
WZP2-230 WZPM-201 WZPK-338
WZP2-221 WZPM2-001 WZP2-230NM
WZP2-001A WZPM-201 WZP2-001

RTD temperature probe WZP2-231 (5)Duplex Armored Thermocouple WRKK2-221 (5)

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