Efficient and Energy-Saving Hydraulic Gear Pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3

Efficient and Energy-Saving Hydraulic Gear Pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3

The internal gear pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3 is a high-efficiency, energy-saving hydraulic pump that is popular in the market for its excellent performance and wide application. This series of pumps are divided into single pumps and double pumps. The displacement range of a single pump ranges from 1.76mL/r to 63.6mL/r, and nine different specifications are provided to meet the needs of different application scenarios. Through the combination of these single pumps with different displacements, a variety of dual pumps with different specifications can be formed, further expanding the application scope of the pump.

Hydraulic Gear Pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3

The rated pressure of the gear pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3 reaches 10Mpa, and the maximum speed can be between 2000 and 3000r/min, which means that it can provide strong power output for various types of machinery. In addition, the design features of the pump include simple structure, smooth operation, small pressure pulsation, low noise, reliable operation and easy maintenance. These characteristics make the gear pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3 an ideal choice for the hydraulic systems of various types of machine tools, packaging, injection molding, lifting, die-casting, artificial panel processing and food processing machinery.


In hydraulic systems, the stability and smoothness of the pump are crucial to the normal operation of the system. The hydraulic pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3 has small pressure pulsation and can provide stable flow to ensure the smooth operation of the system. At the same time, its low-noise design makes the pump less noisy during operation, improving the comfort of the working environment and reducing interference to the surrounding environment.


Due to the working reliability and ease of maintenance of the pump GPA2-16-16-E-20-R6.3, it can reduce the user’s maintenance costs and downtime and improve the overall work efficiency of the equipment. The design concept and excellent performance of this pump make it an indispensable part of modern industry, especially in applications that require efficient, energy-saving and stable hydraulic systems.


In short, the GPA type low-noise internal gear pump has become the preferred pump type for various mechanical hydraulic systems due to its compact structure, excellent performance and wide range of applications. Its design and functions not only meet the needs of mechanical equipment for hydraulic systems, but also bring economic benefits and operational convenience to users.


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