Filter Element LH0330D020BN3HC: An Efficient Filtration Guardian in Hydraulic Systems

Filter Element LH0330D020BN3HC: An Efficient Filtration Guardian in Hydraulic Systems

The filter element LH0330D020BN3HC is a high-efficiency filter element designed for hydraulic systems. It ensures the stable operation of the hydraulic system and the long-term reliability of the equipment by precisely filtering impurities and particles in hydraulic and lubricating oils. This filter element not only boasts high filtration performance but also integrates advanced blocking sensors and bypass valve functions to enhance the safety and reliability of the hydraulic system.

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Main Features

1. Filter Element Blockage Sensor: The LH0330D020BN3HC filter element is equipped with a blockage sensor that alarm when the filter element is blocked by contaminants or when the system oil temperature is too low, causing the oil inlet pressure to drop to 0.35MPa. This sensor alerts operators to replace the filter element or increase the temperature in a timely manner to avoid degradation of system performance.

2. Bypass Valve Function: A bypass valve is also provided on the filter element. When it is not possible to shut down the machine immediately to deal with blockages or other faults, the bypass valve automatically opens at an oil inlet pressure of 0.4MPa, ensuring that the hydraulic system can continue to run and avoid equipment downtime caused by filter element blockage.

3. High-Efficiency Filtration Performance: The LH0330D020BN3HC filter element has a filtration accuracy of 1-80 microns (customizable according to requirements), effectively trapping small particles in hydraulic oil, maintaining the cleanliness of the oil fluid, and thus extending the service life of hydraulic components.

4. Wide Filtration Area: The filter element offers a filtration area of 30-2600L/min, meeting the hydraulic system flow rate requirements of different systems, ensuring smooth oil flow.

5. Durable Filter Element Material: Made from high-quality materials such as synthetic fibers, glass fiber paper, etc., these materials offer good temperature and pressure resistance, working within a temperature range of 0—100°C.

6. Convenient Installation and Maintenance: The filter element has an inlet and outlet diameter of 100mm, making it adaptable and easy to install and replace. When it comes time to replace the filter element, operators can easily disassemble and replace it, reducing maintenance time and costs.

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The LH0330D020BN3HC filter element, with its high filtration performance, advanced blocking sensor, and bypass valve functions, is an indispensable component in hydraulic systems. It not only effectively protects hydraulic components but also improves the overall performance and reliability of the system. It also provides timely alarms and emergency measures in case of faults, ensuring the continuous operation of the hydraulic system. For industries with strict requirements for hydraulic oil cleanliness and system stability, such as construction machinery, metallurgy, petrochemicals, etc., the LH0330D020BN3HC filter element is an ideal choice.

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  • Post time: Apr-12-2024