Main sealing oil pump HSND280-46N

Short Description:

Main sealing oil pump HSND280-46N is a vertical installation oil pump with side inlet and side outlet. It is sealed with a skeleton oil seal and is mainly configured in the sealing oil system. After being pressurized by the main sealing oil pump, it is filtered through a filter screen, and then adjusted to a suitable pressure by a differential pressure regulating valve to enter the generator sealing pad. The return oil on the air side enters the air separation box, while the return oil on the hydrogen side enters the sealing oil return box and then flows into the float oil tank, and then relies on the pressure difference to flow into the air separation box. The unit is generally equipped with one for operation and the other for backup, both driven by AC motors.

Product Detail

Main features

1. Advanced structure and superior performance: change the traditional high-pressure balance technology, adopt the axial force low-pressure balance device of the master and slave rods, the force is balanced evenly, the screw does not deform, the operation is reliable and stable without pulsation, and the noise is low;


2. Unique design and reliable sealing: The pump adopts a mechanical sealing form, with the sealing chamber pressure communicating with the suction pressure. At the same time, the structural design fully cools and circulates the seal, ensuring the sealing effect and no leakage;


3. Optimization and improvement, beautiful appearance: Change the traditional position of inlet and outlet, so that the inlet and outlet are distributed on both sides of the oil pump HSND280-46N and form a straight line, with beautiful appearance. At the same time, innovate in design, and achieve the exchange of inlet and outlet without changing the pipeline at the user's site;


4. Pump core components for easy maintenance and accessory replacement: The structure of oil pump HSND280-46N is simple and compact, and the pump core assembly adopts a modular structure that can be taken out as a whole for easy maintenance and repair;

Technical Parameter

Flow range 5—5300L/min
Operating pressure ≤4.0Mpa
Required speed 500—3000r/min
Viscosity range 3—1500mm2/s
Service temperature 0—150℃
Allowed suction height ≤8m
Lubricating requirements on medium Lubricating or partial lubricating is required
Requirements on particles in medium No solid particles

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