Pressure Switch ST307-V2-350-B

Short Description:

Pressure switch ST307-V2-350B is usually used as an action indicator signal in protection and automatic control devices for AC and DC operations. The relay adopts imported ultra-small components, with reasonable layout and structure of electronic circuit design. The pressure switch is driven by an adjustable loading spring operating board. The spring load holds the operating plate on the switch until hydraulic pressure is applied to the small piston to force the operating plate far away from the close to switch contacts. When the hydraulic pressure drops by a small difference, the switch will reset.

Product Detail

A range of piston-operated pressure switches for general applications where an electrical signal is needed to indicate a given pressure condition in a hydraulic circuit. The microswitch is actuated by the operating plate of an adjustable loading spring. The spring load holds the operating plate against the switch until applied hydraulic pressure on a small piston forces the operating plate away from the switch to change over the switch contacts. The switch will reset when the hydraulic pressure falls by a small differential.


1. The Pressure switch ST307-V2-350B is equipped with an action indicator light, which can be both electrically reset and manually reset, which is conducive to establishing automated unmanned duty requirements.

2. Sensitive response and fast action speed have solved the defect of the original electromagnetic signal relay not being able to respond to the rapid action indication signal of the vacuum switch.

3. The volume of the pressure switch is small and easy to install

4. Switching accuracy of pressure switch: <1%

5. Pressure switch suitable for AC or DC current

6. Protection level of pressure switch: IP65

Model Code

pressure switch

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