Tongma epoxy glass powder mica tape 5440-1

Short Description:

5440-1 TUNG-MA Epoxy Glass Powder Mica Tape is a strip-shaped insulation material made of mica paper as the base material, and phenolic epoxy-tungstoic anhydride adhesive lacquer as the adhesive, double-side reinforced with alkali-free glass cloth. 5440-1 mica tape has good softness under normal conditions, and has high electrical performance and mechanical strength after being wound and shaped. It is suitable for insulation of large and medium high-voltage motor coil with working temperature of 155℃.

Product Detail


The 5440-1 TUNG-MA Epoxy Glass Powder Mica Tape is not allowed to have foreign impurities. The adhesive should be evenly distributed, and the mica tape is not allowed to have bubbles, pinholes, adhesions, delamination, paper breakage, glass cloth spinning and looseness of the reel.


Width The width of the 5440-1 mica tape is: 15mm+1mm; 20mm+1mm; 25mm+1mm; 30mm+1mm; 35mm+1mm. The width and deviation can be customized.
The length of the mica tape is indicated by the diameter of its roll or disk. The mica tape roll or disk has a diameter of 95 mm + 5 mm or 115 mm + 5 mm, and has no more than two joints, and the shortest length is not less than 5 m. Any joints in the mica tape roll or disk shall be marked.
Edge Curvature The edge of the mica tape is not more than 1 mm.

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Adhesive Content


74±9 G/M2

Mica Content



Glass Fiber Content



Volatile Content



Total Weight Per Unit Area Of Dry Material



Storage Instruction

(1) The 5440-1 TUNG-MA Epoxy Glass Powder Mica Tape should be protected from moisture and high temperature during storage and use.
(2) After the product is opened, it is best to use it in time. The wrapping should be even and firm.
(3) If the storage period is exceeded, it can still be used if passing the inspection.
Storage period of mica tape from the date of shipment

Storage Temperature

Storage Period


90 days

6-20 ℃

30 days

21-30 ℃

15 days

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