Correct Installation of Magnetoresistive Speed Sensor CS-1

Correct Installation of Magnetoresistive Speed Sensor CS-1

ZS-04 Rotational Speed Sensor (4)The installation of the magnetoresistive speed sensor CS-1 needs to consider the environmental conditions and installation requirements during installation, and is generally determined based on the actual operating conditions of the power plant. Here, Yoyik suggests paying attention to the following items to ensure proper installation and operation:


1. Installation location:

Choosing a suitable installation location is very important. The CS-1 sensors should be selected in positions that are vibration free, impact free, and stable to reduce measurement errors and the risk of sensor damage.


2. Installation clearance:

The installation clearance of the sensor is crucial for obtaining accurate speed measurement results. Ensure that there is an appropriate distance and alignment between the sensor magnetic poles and the rotor to ensure accurate speed measurement.

Rotation Speed Sensor DF6202-005-050-04-00-10-000 (1)

3. Fixation:

The fixation of the sensor must be firm and reliable to prevent the sensor from loosening or falling off due to vibration and impact during high-speed rotation. Special mounting brackets and bolts can be used to fix the sensor in a suitable position.

rotation speed sensor bracket

4. Cleaning and Protection:

Before installing the sensor, ensure that the sensor and installation location are clean and free of impurities or dirt. After installation, it is possible to consider using a protective cover or cover to protect the sensor from external environmental influences such as dust, grease, or moisture.

Magnetic Speed Sensor SMCB-01-16L (2)

5. Calibration and testing:

It is necessary to calibrate and test the sensor after installation is completed. The calibration process can be carried out according to the guidance provided by the manufacturer to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.Reverse Rotation Speed Sensor CS-3F (2)

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