Basic structure of Expansion joint rubber plate 6500×180×8

Basic structure of Expansion joint rubber plate 6500×180×8

The Expansion joint rubber plate 6500×180×8 is made of glass fiber cloth as the base fabric, coated or rolled. It is made of high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, and high-strength glass fiber cloth, which is pressed or impregnated with organic silicone rubber. It is a high-performance and multi-purpose composite material new product. Common rubber expansion joints include naturally hard rubber plates, naturally soft plastic rubber plates, polypropylene rubber plates, nitrile rubber plates, butyl rubber plates, etc. If they are wear-resistant and heat-resistant, butyl rubber needs to be selected, which has strong heat resistance.


The Expansion joint rubber plate 6500×180×8 is a new type of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant pipe fitting. Its surface is made of carbon wool lintel tube as the lifting frame, lined with high-performance anti-corrosion and rubber expansion joints, and processed by vulcanized rubber pasting technology. The rubber expansion joint combines the bidirectional advantages of flange and rubber, not only possessing a propulsion support frame, but also possessing anti-corrosion and wear resistance performance.


The Expansion joint rubber plate 6500×180×8 is a composite of various modified blend polymers and rubber expansion joint mechanical equipment, or coated with composite seamless steel pipes. It not only stores the compressive strength of rubber expansion joints and traditional docking methods, but also undergoes different modifications of plastic materials. The Fully utilizing characteristics of plastic materials such as corrosion resistance, aging resistance, super wear resistance, rust resistance, non-toxicity, and lubrication of the inner cavity.


Preparation for replacing the Expansion joint rubber plate 6500×180×8:

Firstly, check and confirm that the outer diameter size, width, technical parameters, and installation position of the rubber expansion joint meet the requirements of this construction.

2. Check that the rubber expansion joint, pressure plate (if the original pressure plate can be reused, the quality of the pressure plate should be confirmed), bolt components, etc. that need to be replaced meet the requirements of this construction.

3. Check and clean the surrounding flammable materials, prepare fire extinguishing tools, and prepare fire and electrical protection equipment.

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  • Post time: Feb-20-2024