Actuator Inlet Working Oil Filter DP301EA10V/-W

Short Description:

The DP301EA10V/-W actuator inlet working oil filter of the hydraulic servomotor is used in the fire resistant oil system of the steam turbine generator set to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the fire resistant oil, effectively controlling the pollution level of the working medium. The filter element is installed at the inlet of the hydraulic motor to separate impurities such as particles in the fluid, keep the fluid clean, reduce damage to equipment components, and extend the service life of the equipment.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


The functions of the DP301EA10V/- W actuator inlet working oil filter:

1. Filter impurities: Various impurities such as iron filings, dust, sand, etc. may be mixed into the fuel. If these impurities are not filtered out, they can cause serious damage to the fuel system and combustion system, and even cause malfunctions.

2. Prevention of pollution: Fuel may contain moisture, corrosive substances, and other harmful substances, which can have a negative impact on the fuel system and combustion system. The fire-resistant fuel filter can filter out these pollutants and prevent them from causing damage to the system.

3. Improving fuel quality: The EH oil  filter can filter out impurities and pollutants in the fuel, thereby improving the quality of the fuel, making it more pure and stable, conducive to the combustion process, and improving the performance and efficiency of the engine.

Technical Parameter

Working temperature 85 ℃
Maximum working pressure difference 32MPa
Filtering accuracy 10
Inlet and outlet diameter 45mm
Performance acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, fire resistance, and waterproofing
Raw water pressure 320KG/c ㎡
Filter area 2.65


Reminder: Under high load operation, the filtering efficiency of actuator inlet working oil filter DP301EA10V/-W will decrease over time. It is necessary to clean and replace it in a timely manner.

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