3# Unit of Zungeru Hydropower Station in Nigeria successfully generated power

3# Unit of Zungeru Hydropower Station in Nigeria successfully generated power

At 14:40 on October 29, Nigeria time, 3# Unit of Zungeru Hydropower Station in Nigeria, an important project in the “The Belt and Road initiative” African region undertaken by China Hydropower Eighth Bureau, successfully generated power and entered the stage of full production and power generation.

The Zungeru Hydropower Station is located on the Kaduna River in Zungeru Town, Niger State, Nigeria. A total of 4 vertical-axis Francis turbine generator units with a rated capacity of 175 MW are arranged, with a total installed capacity of 700 MW and an average annual power generation of 2.64 billion kWh. . The power station mainly focuses on power generation, and also has comprehensive utilization benefits such as flood control, irrigation, water supply, aquaculture, and shipping. It is currently the largest hydropower station under construction in Nigeria. After the project is completed, it can meet nearly 10% of Nigeria's domestic hydropower energy demand, effectively alleviate the problem of power shortage, and is of great significance to promote Nigeria's energy construction and economic and social development, and serve the “The Belt and Road initiative" initiative.

Unit 3 completed the stator hoisting on January 25, 2022, the runner hoisting on May 26, the rotor hoisting on June 10, the unit assembly on September 3, and the power generation on October 29. Its control system, step-up transformer and switch station and other equipment are in good working condition, and various performance indicators are better than the design requirements.

In the process of project construction, facing difficulties such as tight time nodes, heavy tasks, epidemic malaria, etc., the builders of the Eighth Bureau carried forward the enterprise spirit of "self-improvement and courage to surpass", united and cooperated, faced challenges head-on, and went all out to promote project construction, power plant units The goal of installing and debugging nodes is steadily advancing step by step.

2022 is the year when the construction of Zungeru Hydropower Station will close. At present, the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 units of Zungeru Hydropower Station have been installed; the rotor hoisting of No. 4 unit was completed on October 9, and the cranking work is underway. The goal "Four units put into operation a year".

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