Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-03

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Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-03 is a device used to measure the rotational speed of a steam turbine. It is typically used in power generation, aerospace, and other industrial applications where precise monitoring of turbine speed is critical for safe and efficient operation. The sensor is typically attached to the turbine shaft and uses various techniques such as electromagnetic, optical, or mechanical sensing to detect the rotational speed. The sensor output is then used by control systems to adjust turbine speed and maintain optimal performance. The use of Speed Sensor ZS-03 has become increasingly important in recent years as turbines have become more complex and their performance requirements more demanding.

Product Detail

Installation tips

The speed sensor ZS-03 belongs to the magnetoelectric speed sensor, which is applicable to the speed measurement of steam turbines in harsh environments such as smoke, oil and steam, water and steam.

Pay attention to the clearance between the rotation Speed Sensor ZS-03 and the detection gear during installation. The smaller the gap, the larger the output voltage. At the same time, the output voltage of the sensor increases with the increase of speed. Therefore, the recommended clearance during installation is usually 0.5~3mm. It is recommended to use the involute gear to detect the tooth shape of the gear. The size of the tested gear is determined by the modulus (m), which is the parameter value that determines the size of the gear. It is recommended to use gear discs with modulus ≥ 2 and tooth top width greater than 4mm; The material for detecting the gear is preferably ferromagnetic material (that is, material that can be attracted by the magnet).

Use tips

Pay attention to the following points when using the speed sensor ZS-03:
1. The metal shield wire in the rotation Speed Sensor ZS-03 output line should be connected to the ground zero line.
2. It is not allowed to use and prevent in strong magnetic environment above 250 ℃.
3. Strong collision shall be avoided during installation and transportation.
4. When the run out of the measured shaft is large, pay attention to properly increase the clearance to avoid damage.
5. In order to use in harsh environment, the sensor will be sealed immediately after assembly and commissioning, so it cannot be repaired.

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