Intelligent Reversal Speed Monitor JM-D-5KF

Short Description:

The Intelligent Reversal Speed Monitor JM-D-5KF is mainly used for measuring the speed of rotating machinery in industrial environments. It is generally used in conjunction with speed sensors, and users can use various sensors and specifications according to the actual situation on site. This device is simple and compact, improving the convenience and reliability of installation, and can monitor rotating machinery with teeth numbers ranging from 1 to 120. It has large value memory and display, as well as three alarm switch signal outputs.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

JM-D-5KF Intelligent Reversal Speed Monitor is the latest product specially designed and manufactured by Yoyik for rotating machinery speed and direction measurement, overspeed and reverse protection, zero speed and turning speed. The monitor is an intelligent instrument based on high-performance embedded chip. The parameters can be set directly through the instrument panel keyboard. It can receive the input signals of eddy current sensor system, magnetoelectric speed sensor, Hall speed sensor, and photoelectric sensor, continuously measure and monitor the machine speed and rotation direction, and provide overspeed and reverse protection monitoring for rotating machinery.


1.   Query the basic setting parameters of the instrument;

2.   Provide DC power supply with overvoltage protection and short circuit protection for sensors;

3.   Overspeed, zero speed overrun discrimination, status indication and output of monitoring values;

4.   Speed measurement range, number of teeth, alarm value, etc. are programmable;

5.   Programmable definition of rotation direction;

6.   The first and second relays of the instrument are used for overspeed warning and hazard control, and interlocking can be switched on or off; The third relay is used for reverse alarm control; The fourth relay is used for low speed alarm control;


Power Supply AC85~265VAC, maximum power consumption 15Watts.
Fuse Rating 250V/0.5A, self-recovery fuse.
Output Power Supply Two working power supplies for sensors, with max current 35 mA of each.
Negative Voltage Power Supply - 24vdc ± 5%.
Positive Voltage Power Supply +12VDC ± 5% (default).
Display Mode Super bright industrial LED display.
Measuring Range 0~99999r/min (arbitrary setting by digital programming).
Working Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -50℃~+85℃

Intelligent Reversal Speed Monitor JM-D-5KF Detail Pictures

Intelligent rotational speed monitor JM-D-5KF (5) Intelligent rotational speed monitor JM-D-5KF (4) Intelligent rotational speed monitor JM-D-5KF (3) Intelligent rotational speed monitor JM-D-5KF (2)

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