Intelligent Rotational Speed Monitor WZ-3C-A

Short Description:

WZ-3C-A Intelligent Rotational Speed Monitor is the latest intelligent product designed and manufactured by us specifically for measuring the speed and direction of rotation of rotating machinery, overspeed and reverse protection, and zero speed and turning speed.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


The WZ-3C-A intelligent rotational speed monitor can receive input signals from the eddy current sensor system/magneto-electric speed sensor/Hall speed sensor/photoelectric sensor, continuously measure and monitor the speed and direction of rotation of the machine, and provide overspeed and reverse protection monitoring for rotating machinery.

The WZ-3C-A intelligent rotational speed monitor is an intelligent instrument based on high-performance embedded chips, with digital processing technology. Parameter settings can be directly operated through the instrument panel keyboard.

Technical Specification

Power supply AC85~265VAC
Measurement range 0-99999r/min (digital programming can be set arbitrarily)
Maximum power consumption 15Watts
Rated value of fuse 250V/0.5A, self-restoring fuse
Instrument output power supply Provide two working power supplies for sensors; The maximum current of each circuit is 35 mA
Negative voltage power supply 24VDC ± 5%
Positive voltage power supply +12VDC ± 5% (default)
Display method Ultra bright industrial 0LED display screen

If there is any special requirement, please inform at the time of order.


☆ Real visualization instrument

The debugging of WZ-3C-A no longer requires opening the instrument box, replacing the screwdriver with a mouse, setting all measurement parameters and conducting instrument performance tests. Its Chinese interface is simple to operate and very convenient to use.

☆ Real high-performance instruments

In order to meet export demand and meet different voltage requirements of various countries, the instrument is designed with a wide voltage input, and the power supply voltage range is AC85V~265V, which can work stably.

The instrument adopts a super bright industrial OLED screen, designed with a Chinese operation interface, which is intuitive and easy to operate

☆ Real maintenance free instruments

The design and manufacturing concept of monitoring dedicated PLC ensures the high reliability of the instrument. Equipped with a high-end microprocessor, it can continuously self-diagnose sensors, instrument circuits, and software.

☆ Real multifunctional instrument

By configuring the instrument, it is convenient to monitor the speed and direction of rotation. Provide multiple customized measurement functions to meet different needs.

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