Electrode Water Level Gauge DQS-76

Short Description:

DQS-76 electrode water level gauge is mainly used in monitoring the water level of various drums and measurement on high and low voltage heaters, generators, evaporators and water tanks etc. and it has the function of output of warning node.

Product Detail

The water level gauge DQS-76 is made up of measuring cylinder, ceramic electrode, secondary instrument etc. The instruments adopts the customary marks of heat engineering, that is the double-color beam combined by red steam and green water and the LED, which makes it possible to view the positions of the steam and water.

Operational principles

This water level gauge measures according to the different features of the conductivity of water and steam in the boiler. With the change of liquid level, part of the electrode is dipped into the water, and part of the electrode is dipped into the steam, while the electrode in the water of the boiler has less impedance to the cylinder and the electrode in the steam of the boiler has more impedance to the cylinder. According to these features, the non-electrodeity water level can be converted into electrodeity, delivered to the secondary instrument, thus realizing the display of the water level and warning output.


The double-color beam is used in the secondary instrument for the displaying of water level. All parameter uses digital setup. The setting range of the level is -9999- +9999 and the quantity of electrode is 5~40, the seven channels can be at any of the height of the on-line program with lower warning output. All the parameter can be setup on-line and can store the memory when the electrode is lost. So it is applicable for the electrode contact measuring cylinders with the warning with water level lower than 40 points and 7 channels (including the cylinders manufactured by other factories).

The meter can be used for all kinds of the water status on different area. It can measure availably the chlorine water with the high conductivity to the hydroxybenzene liquid with super-low conductivity; the water conductivity can be to10M ohm. It is applicable for various water resistances in different regions, offering great convenience to the field application.

The secondary instrument has two output channel of 4~20mA, applicable for the field control and connected with DCS system and one channel of RS485 digital signals.

Electrode Water Level Gauge DQS-76 Detail Pictures

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