ZS-01 Gear Speed Sensor Self-Monitoring Measurement

In order to facilitate the measurement of the speed of a steam turbine, a speed measuring gear or keyphasor is usually installed on the rotor of the steam turbine. The rotational speed sensor ZS-01 converts the rotational speed signal of rotating mechanical components into a corresponding electrical pulse signal by measuring the frequency of the speed measuring gear or keyphasor, and supplies it to electronic devices for speed measurement.
ZS-01 Gear Speed Sensor

The ZS-01 gear speed sensor is available in both ordinary and high resistance versions to meet the measurement requirements under different working conditions. The speed probe ZS-01 belongs to the ordinary speed sensor and is mainly used for measuring the speed of steam turbines in power plants.

ZS-01 Gear Speed Sensor

When customizing the speed sensor ZS-01, three parameters need to be determined: probe length, probe thread, and cable length. These three parameters are determined based on the actual operating conditions of the power plant.

ZS-01 Gear Speed Sensor

Yoyik also offer other types of rotational speed sensors with the same high quality as ZS-01 type for steam turbine.

Electromagnetic speed sensor CS-1 D-100-02-01 Magnetoresistive high resistance probe CS-1 D-065-02-01
Speed sensor SMCB-01-16L180 Magnetoresistive probe ZS-04-150-3000
Magnetic sensitive speed sensor SMCB-01-16L DEH speed probe CS-1-D-065-05-01
Magnetoresistive speed probe SZCB-01-00-060-05 Magnetic resistance high resistance speed probe CS-1 G-065-05-01
Turbine speed sensor SMCB-02-16 DEH speed probe ZS-04-075-3000-005
sensor CS-1 G-100-02-01 Magnetoelectric speed sensor DSF1210.00
Speed sensor CS-1-D-065-06-01 speed sensor CS-1 D065-05-01
Magnetic/high resistance speed sensor CS-1 D-065-05-01 Speed sensor DF6101-005-065-01-03-00-00

ZS-01 Gear Speed Sensor

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  • Post time: May-26-2023