Magnetic Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-01

Short Description:

The magnetic rotation speed sensor ZS-01 is a high-performance and widely used universal speed sensor used for measuring the speed of magnetic objects, using a non-contact measurement method. The sensor is composed of magnetic steel, soft magnetic armature, and coil inside.

Product Detail

Working principle

The principle of magnetic rotation speed sensor ZS-01 is that a magnetic field (magnetic line of force) is emitted by a magnet, passing through the armature and coil. When a magnetic object approaches or moves away, the magnetic flux in the coil changes, and the coil induces a change in electromotive force. The coil part induces an AC voltage signal. If the magnetic object is installed on a rotating component (usually referring to the speed measuring gear of the rotor or the speed measuring gear on a circular rotating shaft with concave and convex grooves), it senses a frequency signal proportional to the speed; If it is an involute gear, the induced voltage is a sine wave. The amplitude of the signal is proportional to the speed and inversely proportional to the gap between the probe end face and the tooth tip.


1. Non-contact measurement, not in contact with the tested rotating parts, without wear.

2. Adopting the principle of magneto electric induction, there is no need for an external working power supply, the output signal is large, and amplification is not required. The anti-interference performance is good.

3. Adopting an integrated design, the structure is simple and reliable, with high vibration and impact resistance characteristics.

4. Adapt to a wide temperature range in the working environment, suitable for harsh industrial environments such as smoke and mist, oil and gas, and water vapor environments.

Matters needing attention

The signal connection cable of the magnetic rotation speed sensor ZS-01 is recommended to use 18-22AWG twisted shielded cable, with a connection length of no more than 300 meters. Increasing the length may cause frequency attenuation and may cause inaccurate measurement. The shielding layer should be connected to the signal ground or SHLD at the monitor terminal to avoid parallel wiring of signal cables, power cables, control cables, and connecting cables with high interference. The input/output cables of the sensor are labeled, and the corresponding labeled cables and terminals should be connected.

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