Rotation Speed Monitor HZQW-03E Can Protect Steam Turbine

Rotation Speed Monitor HZQW-03E Can Protect Steam Turbine

The turbine speed and impact monitor HZQW-03E  is an important equipment used to ensure the safe operation of the turbine. It provides strong guarantees for the safe operation of the steam turbine through precise speed monitoring, collision sub state recording, intelligent alarm system, and efficient linkage with the superior control system. It mainly achieves the protection of the steam turbine through the following aspects:

turbine speed and impact monitor HZQW-03E

1. Speed monitoring and protection:

The HZQW-03E monitor monitors the speed of the steam turbine. When the speed exceeds 110% of the rated speed, the monitor will trigger an alarm and initiate an emergency shutdown program. This helps to avoid mechanical damage or other safety accidents caused by speeding. The emergency governor is a key component to achieve this function. When the speed exceeds the set value, it can be triggered by an impact, which in turn triggers the mechanical shutdown device and quickly shuts down the steam turbine.


2. Impact sub state monitoring:

Due to the fact that the impactor of the emergency governor is usually installed inside the turbine casing and its status cannot be directly observed, the monitoring instrument HZQW-03E monitors the status of the impactor through specially designed sensors. When the impactor is thrown out due to speeding, the sensor will capture this action and record the current speed. In this way, even if the impactor cannot be directly detected during regular operation, the tachometer HZQW-03E can still provide the action speed data of the impactor in emergency situations, providing important information for fault analysis.

turbine speed and impact monitor HZQW-03E

3. Data recording and review:

The tachometer HZQW-03E has a data storage function, which can record the maximum speed of the steam turbine and the impact and retraction speed of the emergency governor impactor. When accident analysis or regular inspections are required, these data can provide critical references.


4. Intelligent alarm system:

The monitoring instrument HZQW-03E has an intelligent alarm system that can set alarm values. When the speed reaches or exceeds the preset value, the monitoring instrument will send an alarm signal and trigger corresponding protection actions through the output interface, such as starting the emergency shutdown program. At the same time, the alarm system has a certain delay function to avoid false alarms caused by on-site interference.

turbine speed and impact monitor HZQW-03E

5. Sensor fault detection:

The monitoring instrument HZQW-03E can detect whether the sensor is working properly. If the sensor malfunctions, the monitoring instrument can detect and alarm in a timely manner, ensuring the accuracy of monitoring data.


6. Connection with DCS/PLC system:

The monitoring instrument HZQW-03E is equipped with a current output interface, which can be connected to computers, DCS and PLC systems to achieve remote monitoring and control of data.

turbine speed and impact monitor HZQW-03E

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