Pressure Switch BPSN4KB25XFSP12: High-Performance Pressure Control Solution

Pressure Switch BPSN4KB25XFSP12: High-Performance Pressure Control Solution

The Pressure Switch BPSN4KB25XFSP12 is a high-performance pressure switch designed with two actuators to meet a wide range of set point requirements. For set points between 2 to 3000 Ps, this pressure switch utilizes a simple and robust diaphragm-sealed piston actuator. The design features high working reliability and selected sealing materials that adapt to various applications. Additionally, a fully welded design can be chosen, which offers a set point of up to 1000Psi. This design can be made from 316 stainless steel or Monel alloy, further enhancing the durability and versatility of the switch.


The differential pressure switch employs a unique double diaphragm-sealed piston structure, which boasts a high static working pressure and a compact volume. This makes the BPSN4KB25XFSP12 pressure switch an ideal choice for applications with limited space. The double diaphragm structure ensures high sensitivity and accuracy, while also improving the reliability of the switch.

The Pressure Switch BPSN4KB25XFSP12 is designed to meet most switch requirements. The selection of component materials ensures a longer service life. A diverse range of precise switching components is suitable for various application needs, including enclosed contact closures that can enhance safety and reliability. The measuring transmission mechanism of the switch has been used in factories around the world for over forty years, demonstrating excellent performance. Special designs can meet fire-resistant, NACE, limit control, and other stricter requirements.

The BPSN4KB25XFSP12 pressure switch’s fully welded design ensures high stability in harsh environments such as high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive media. The use of 316 stainless steel or Monel alloy materials allows the switch to maintain good working performance in complex environments such as acid-base, brine, and oil-contaminated conditions. Moreover, the fully welded design reduces maintenance costs, eliminating the need for regular seal replacement and greatly improving the efficiency of equipment operation.


In industrial production processes, the pressure switch BPSN4KB25XFSP12 can be widely used for pressure control of liquid, gas, and steam media. For example, in industries such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food, the switch can be used to monitor and control the operating status of pressure vessels, pipelines, pumps, and other equipment. By accurately controlling pressure, the production process can be ensured to be safe, stable, and efficient.

In summary, the Pressure Switch BPSN4KB25XFSP12 features compact structure, high reliability, and strong applicability. Its unique double diaphragm-sealed piston structure and fully welded design ensure high stability in harsh environments such as high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive media. By choosing different materials and designs, a wide range of application needs can be met. This switch has a broad application prospect in industrial production and offers an efficient and safe pressure control solution to users.

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  • Post time: Mar-21-2024