Main characteristics and application of 23D-63B solenoid valve

Main characteristics and application of 23D-63B solenoid valve

23D-63B solenoid valve is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetism. It is a direct-acting two-way solenoid valve. It is an automatic basic element used to control fluid. It belongs to actuator, not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. Inside the solenoid valve is a closed cavity with through holes at different positions. Each hole is connected to a different oil pipe. There is a piston in the middle of the cavity and two electromagnets on both sides. The valve body will be attracted to which side of the solenoid coil is energized. By controlling the movement of the valve body, different drain holes will be opened or closed, while the oil inlet hole is normally open, and hydraulic oil will enter different drain pipes. Then, the piston of the oil cylinder will be pushed by the pressure of the oil, and then the piston rod will drive the mechanical device. In this way, the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current of the electromagnet. The solenoid valve is stable, convenient and widely used for the control of liquid and gas in the industrial automation control system.

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Main features of 23D-63B solenoid valve

Direct-acting structure, simple structure and reliable operation.
Made of brass, it has corrosion resistance and is suitable for various media.
Installation is convenient, and different installation methods can be adopted according to different installation environments and requirements.
It is applicable to the control of general liquids and gases, and is widely used in industrial automation control systems.
In short, 23D-63B solenoid valve is a two-way direct-acting solenoid valve with stable performance, convenient installation and wide application range.

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Application advantages of 23D-63B solenoid valve

Compact structure and small volume: 23D-63B solenoid valve adopts a straight-through structure, compact structure and small volume, suitable for installation and use in a narrow space.
Strong flow capacity: the 23D-63B solenoid valve is designed with large diameter, and has strong flow capacity, which is suitable for large flow occasions.
Simple operation and fast response: 23D-63B solenoid valve adopts direct-acting structure, simple operation and fast response, which can meet the demand for fast control.
Good durability: 23D-63B solenoid valve is made of high-quality materials, with good corrosion resistance and durability, and can work stably for a long time.
Wide scope of application: 23D-63B solenoid valve is applicable to various liquid and gas control, such as water, oil, air, natural gas, etc., and can be used in industrial, civil and marine fields.
To sum up, 23D-63B solenoid valve has the advantages of compact structure, strong flow capacity, simple operation, fast response, good durability and wide range of application, and can meet the needs of various industrial and civil control occasions.

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Application scenario of 23D-63B solenoid valve

Automatic equipment control: 23D-63B solenoid valve can be used for hydraulic and pneumatic control of various automatic equipment, such as industrial robots, pipeline conveying equipment, etc.
Hydraulic system control: 23D-63B solenoid valve can be used for flow control, pressure control, direction control, etc. in hydraulic system, such as hydraulic elevator, hydraulic punch, hydraulic cutting machine, etc.
Pneumatic system control: solenoid valve can be used for flow control, pressure control, direction control, etc. in pneumatic system, such as pneumatic drill, pneumatic impactor, pneumatic grinder, etc.
Auto parts control: 23D-63B solenoid valve can be used for the control of auto hydraulic system, pneumatic system and other parts, such as brake system, suspension system, etc.
Water treatment system control: solenoid valve can be used for flow control and pressure control in water treatment system, such as water supply system and sewage treatment system.

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