Online Hydrogen Leak Detector KQL1500

Short Description:

The Online Hydrogen Leak Detector KQL1500 produced by our company is a precision instrument specially used for gas leak detection. It can be widely used in electric power, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, ships, tunnels and other places, and can be used for online monitoring of the leakage of various gases (such as hydrogen, methane and other combustible gases). The instrument adopts the most advanced sensor technology in the world, which can simultaneously conduct multi-point real-time quantitative monitoring on the parts requiring leak detection. The whole system is composed of a host and up to 8 gas sensors, which can be flexibly controlled.

Product Detail

Structural features

The Online Hydrogen Leak Detector KQL1500 adopts a split design, separating the host from the explosion-proof transmitter. The host is placed in a safe area, and the transmitter is installed in a dangerous area where there may be gas leakage. The protection capability of the host shell can reach IP54, and the transmitter channels within 8 channels can be selected at will. It is composed of signal acquisition part, signal conversion part, display part and casing, which is easy to install.

Operating conditions

Operating Conditions of Online Hydrogen Leak Detector KQL1500:

1. Working temperature: (0~50) ℃;

2. Relative humidity: ≤ 95% RH (at 25 ℃);

3. Ambient atmospheric pressure: (86 ~ 110) kPa;

4. No gas or steam damaging insulation;

5. At the place without significant impact and vibration

Transmitter calibration and self-calibration cycle

Verification cycle: the user sends the instrument to the laboratory with verification conditions for calibration and verification. The calibration cycle of Online Hydrogen Leak Detector KQL1500 is 1 year. In order to prevent the hydrogen sensing tube bundle from blocking, it is recommended to replace the hydrogen sensing tube bundle once a year to ensure the gas ventilation.

User self-calibration cycle: the user calibrates the measurement accuracy of the instruments running on the site using reference standards at the equipment operation site. The self-calibration cycle of Online Hydrogen Leak Detector KQL1500 is 3-6 months. When the measured gas humidity is high or the hydrogen concentration is high, it is recommended to shorten the self-calibration cycle appropriately.

Storage and transportation

The packaged host is suitable for various transportation modes, but it should be handled with care to avoid inversion, sunlight, rain and strong vibration. The host shall be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse without corrosive gas.

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