Features of Acoustic Sensor DZXL-VI-T for Boiler Leakage Detection

Features of Acoustic Sensor DZXL-VI-T for Boiler Leakage Detection

The DZXL-VI-T acoustic sensor is a spare part designed specifically for the leakage detection system of boiler tubes in power plants. Its main function is to play a key role in monitoring whether there is leakage in the furnace tubes in the system. The following is a brief explanation of the application and characteristics of the acoustic sensor in leak detection systems:


1. Principle of sound wave detection: The sound wave sensor DZXL-VI-T uses the propagation characteristics of sound waves to detect furnace tube leaks. When there is a leakage in the furnace tube, a specific frequency and mode of sound waves are generated at the leakage point. Sensors capture these sound wave signals, analyze their characteristics to determine whether there is a leakage and the degree of leakage. This non-contact detection method can effectively avoid direct contact with high-temperature and high-pressure furnace tube environments, improving the safety and reliability of detection.


2. Leakage localization and quantification: Sensors can not only determine the presence of leaks but also assist in locating the specific location of leaks by analyzing the received acoustic signals. By comparing the signal strength, frequency, and arrival time received by sensors at different positions, the leakage point can be accurately located. Meanwhile, through quantitative analysis of acoustic signals, the size of leaks (such as leak rate or leak aperture) can be estimated, providing data support for maintenance decisions.


3. High temperature adaptability: As a spare part of the boiler tube leakage detection system in power plants, the DZXL-VI-T acoustic sensor must have stable working ability in high temperature environments. The outer shell and internal components should be made of high-temperature resistant materials to ensure that the sensor can maintain good performance and long service life even in the vicinity of a high-temperature furnace for a long time. In addition, the sensor may also be equipped with cooling or insulation measures, such as heat sinks, insulation sleeves, etc., to reduce the internal temperature of the sensor and protect sensitive components.


4. Anti interference ability: There may be a large number of noise sources in the working environment of the boiler, such as equipment operation sound, steam flow sound, etc. The DZXL-VI-T acoustic sensor should have strong anti-interference ability and be able to effectively distinguish leakage sound waves and other background noise through signal processing techniques (such as filtering, spectrum analysis, etc.), ensuring the accuracy of detection results.


5. Continuous monitoring and remote communication: Sensors are usually designed to continuously monitor the status of furnace tubes and transmit detection data in real-time to the central control system. This may be communicated through wired (such as RS-485, Ethernet, etc.) or wireless (such as Bluetooth, Wi Fi, Zigbee, etc.) methods. The central control system analyzes the received data, triggers alarms or automatically adjusts operating parameters to ensure safe operation of the boiler.


6. Easy to install and maintain: As a spare part, the DZXL-VI-T acoustic sensor should be designed for easy installation and replacement to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Sensors may be designed with standardized interfaces, quick connectors, or fixed brackets to simplify the installation process. At the same time, sensors should have good durability, as well as reasonable maintenance cycles and simple maintenance methods, to facilitate routine inspections and troubleshooting by power plant operation and maintenance personnel.


In summary, the DZXL-VI-T acoustic sensor, as a spare part of the boiler tube leakage detection system in power plants, can accurately and real-time monitor the leakage situation of the furnace tube in high temperature and noisy environments through advanced acoustic detection technology, providing key data support to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Its design should fully consider the requirements of high temperature adaptability, anti-interference ability, continuous monitoring and remote communication, as well as ease of installation and maintenance, to ensure efficient and stable operation throughout the entire system.

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