AST solenoid valve GS021600V

Short Description:

The AST solenoid valve GS021600V is a kind of plug-in valve is equipped with a CCP230M coil and can be used as a solenoid valve with different functions. The electromagnetic valve is installed in the emergency trip system to check some operating parameters of the steam turbine. When these parameters exceed their operating limits, the system will issue a trip signal to close all steam inlet valves of the turbine to protect the safety of the unit.

Product Detail

The GS021600V solenoid valve is used for emergency trip and overspeed protection systems of steam turbines. Its main function is to provide an interface between automatic shutdown emergency trip (AST) and overspeed protection control (OPC) main pipes. There are six solenoid valves (four AST solenoid valves and two OPC solenoid valves) on the control block, and two one-way valves in the control block. The necessary channels are machined in the control module to connect the components. All holes or through-holes that must be drilled to connect the inner holes are plugged with plugs, and each plug is sealed with an "O" ring.

Working principle

GS021600V solenoid valve electrical overspeed protection and TSI overspeed protection: When it detects that the unit speed reaches 110% of the rated speed, it sends an electrical shutdown signal, causing the reset trip module solenoid valve and the quick closing solenoid valve on the hydraulic motor to act, releasing low-pressure safety oil, and blocking the unit's steam intake.


The normally closed valve core is pressed against the valve seat by a return spring, and the pilot fluid flow is closed. The pressure at the inlet, also known as the oil port, acts on the inner chamber of the main valve core, keeping it pressed against the valve seat, preventing fluid flow from passing through the valve.


Supply Voltage 18-42V
Output Current maximum 400mA
Ambient Temperature 0-70℃
IP Code IP65 DIN4005
Maximum allowable magnetic environment strength <1200A/m

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