HDJ892 Generator hydrogen sealing slot sealant

short description:

Generator hydrogen sealing slot sealant HDJ892 is used for groove sealing of end caps and outlet covers of hydrogen-cooled turbine generators in thermal power plants. The sealant is prepared from raw materials and does not contain dust, metal particles and other impurities. At present, domestic steam turbine generator units, including 1000MW units, 600MW units, and 300MW units, all use this sealant.

Product Detail


Before closing the outer end cover of the generator, pre-fill HDJ892 sealing packing in the sealing groove of the joint surface, and then tighten the bolts evenly. Then use a special tool to inject HDJ892 sealant into the sealing groove (glue injection method: select a glue injection hole to start slowly injecting, and then flow out from the adjacent hole. Inject in sequence until all are filled).

Product parameters

Appearance: gray-black viscous body, no impurities
Thermal fluidity: 80 ℃ does not thin, does not flow
Plasticity: 6±2 sec
Sealing performance: >0.6MPa

Storage and transportation

1. HDJ892 sealant should be placed in a clean, dry, well-ventilated warehouse or shed with a temperature of -10℃~27℃, and protected from sun, rain, heat and pressure.
2. When HDJ892 sealant is stored in the original sealed container, from the date of delivery, the storage period is: 18 months at room temperature (18~32℃); 24 months at low temperature (2~10℃).
3. HDJ892 sealant should be loaded in a covered car and boat during transportation, and should not be close to heat sources or exposed to sunlight, and should be protected from pressure.


1. Cover each 1kg of sealant with 0.2mm polyethylene film and put it into a lacquered polyethylene sealed plastic box. Put the polyethylene sealed plastic box into a carton or wooden box according to the quantity required by the user.
2. The container should be marked: the name of the manufacturer, product model and name, date of manufacture, gross weight and net weight, etc. In addition, according to the actual situation, the words "Handle with care", "Moisture-proof", "Keep away from fire sources" and graphic signs should be marked. Wait.

Shelf life

Storage period at room temperature (2~10℃): 24 months

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