Generator Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306

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Generator Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306 is a mixture of insulating paint and fillers, widely used in industrial equipment such as power plants, metallurgical plants, and steel mills, for anti-corona treatment of high-voltage motor stator coils. Ensure the safe operation of on-site equipment.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Characteristics and Usage

Generator Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306 is mainly used for brushing and wrapping the anti-corona structure of high-voltage motor stator windings (coils). For example, epoxy adhesive can be applied to the straight section of generator coils. Stir well when using. Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306 is a low resistance anti-corona paint that can effectively prevent coil discharge and corona formation.

Large and medium-sized generators in power plants require the use of this Epoxy adhesive, as there are usually inevitably gaps in the insulation structure of large motors. Due to the common occurrence of partial discharge in high-voltage motors, in order to improve the performance of insulation structures and protect equipment, it is necessary to use Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306 to control the corona phenomenon.

Generator Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306 can dry at room temperature, with strong film adhesion, good adhesion, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength and hardness, and excellent electrostatic conductivity after film formation.

Technical Parameter

Solid content ≥ 35
Surface resistivity 200~10000 Ω
Drying time ≤ 24H
Applicable unit Insulation and heat resistance level F (temperature resistance 155 ℃) for generators
Precautions Prevent inversion, keep away from ignition sources, and prevent sunlight exposure.
Shelf life Storage period at room temperature is 6 months
Packaging This product is a single component product.

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The production cycle of this Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306 is short, and our company produces it according to orders, greatly extending the usage time for customers. Epoxy adhesive DFCJ1306 should be packaged in clean iron drums, and the material name, batch number, brand weight, production date, and manufacturer should be indicated.

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