25CCY14-190B Jacking oil axial piston pump

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Jacking oil axial piston pump 25CCY14-190B is a swash plate axial piston pump with oil distribution plate, rotating cylinder and variable head. The pump adopts the optimal oil film thickness design of hydrostatic balance, so that the cylinder block and oil distribution plate, sliding shoe and variable head operate under pure liquid friction. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, low noise, high efficiency, long service life and self-priming ability. Axial piston pump has a variety of variable situations to meet the requirements of users. It is widely used in machine tool forging, metallurgy, engineering, mining, shipbuilding and other machinery and other hydraulic transmission systems.

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Jacking oil axial piston pump

Jacking oil axial piston pump 25CCY14-190B is generally composed of cylinder block, oil distribution plate, plunger, swash plate and other main parts. There are multiple plungers in the cylinder, which are arranged axially, that is, the center line of the plunger is parallel to the axis of the transmission shaft, so it is called axial piston pump. But it is different from reciprocating piston pump, because its plunger not only does reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder, but also the plunger and pump cylinder have relative rotational motion with the swash plate. The plunger contacts the swash plate with a spherical end. There are high and low pressure moon shaped grooves on the oil distribution plate, which are separated from each other by partition walls to ensure certain tightness. They are respectively connected with the oil inlet and outlet of the pump. There is an inclination angle between the axis of the swash plate and the axis of the cylinder block. When the motor drives the transmission shaft to rotate, the pump cylinder rotates with the plunger, and the plunger head always keeps in contact with the swash plate. Because the swash plate is at an angle with the cylinder block, when the cylinder block rotates, the plunger moves back and forth in the pump cylinder. As long as the drive shaft rotates continuously, the pump will work continuously. Changing the angle of the tilt element can change the stroke length of the plunger in the pump cylinder and the flow of the pump. The fixed tilt angle is called quantitative pump, and the variable tilt angle can be changed is called variable displacement pump.

Jacking oil axial piston pump 25CCY14-190B is generally used in the hydraulic transmission system of machine tools, metallurgy, forging, mining and hoisting machinery, especially in the high-power hydraulic transmission system. In order to improve efficiency, gear pump or sliding vane pump is usually used as auxiliary oil pump in application to supply oil, make up for leakage and maintain a certain pressure in the oil circuit.

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