Suggestion of CS-1 G-065-05-01 Speed Sensor Installation Gap

Suggestion of CS-1 G-065-05-01 Speed Sensor Installation Gap

The rotation speed sensor CS-1 G-065-05-01 is installed in front of the turbine speed measuring gear, and the installation clearance between it and the speed measuring gear generally does not exceed 2mm. Because sensor CS-1 G-065-05-01 is a non-contact sensor, maintaining a certain gap between the gear and the sensor ensures that the gear will not come into contact with the sensor and generate friction. The smaller the gap, the greater the output voltage. At the same time, the output voltage of the CS-1 speed sensor increases with the increase of speed.

Reverse Rotation Speed Sensor CS-3F (1)

The specific installation clearance depends on the specific application scenario and sensor type to ensure that the CS-1 sensor can accurately measure the motion of the rotor and output the correct signal. Generally speaking, the installation distance of the speed probe needs to be determined based on the size, shape, and speed of the rotor. It is recommended to use Involute gear to measure the gear profile.

Rotation Speed Sensor probe CS-3 (1)

The shell of the speed sensor CS-1 G-065-05-01 is a stainless steel threaded structure, with internal sealing and sealing. The lead wire is oil resistant and high-temperature resistant. During sensor operation, it is not allowed to approach magnetic fields or strong current conductors, otherwise it may cause the output signal of the sensor to be disordered.

Rotation Speed Sensor CS-2 (4)

Yoyik can make different types of speed sensors for steam turbine, such as:
rotational velocity sensor CS-1-065-02
mag pickup sensor DF6201-105-118-03-01-01-000
Magnetoelectric speed sensor D075-05-01
magnetic tachometer sensor CS-1-D-080-10-01
tachometer speed sensor CS-1-D-065-05-01
magnetic pickup amplifier G-065-05-01
Magnetc Spd Pckup Sensor CS-2
Speed Transmitter Sensor NE6103
DEH speed sensor ZS-01 L=65
Speed Transducer D-100-02-01
outside air static pressure pickup SZ-6
Mass Flow Controller 70085-1010-428
Speed Transducer CS-1-G-150-05-01
MEH Speed Sensor ZS-04-75-3000
variable reluctance pickup CS-1

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