Significance of HTD-400-6 Actuator Displacement Sensor for Steam Turbine

Significance of HTD-400-6 Actuator Displacement Sensor for Steam Turbine

The stroke of the actuator represents the displacement generated by the piston of the actuator from fully open to fully closed in the oil cylinder. One of the main purposes of displacement sensor HTD-400-6 is to measure the stroke of turbine oil motor, which is an important part of the electro-hydraulic Servomechanism of the turbine digital electro-hydraulic control system.

LVDT sensor 7000TD (2)

The core of the displacement sensor LVDT HTD-400-6 is connected to the piston of the steam turbine actuator, which is a real-time feedback system for the stroke of the actuator. Its function is to convert the displacement of the actuator piston (which also represents the opening of the regulating valve) into a voltage signal, which is fed back to the servo amplifier and compared with the signal sent by the computer.

LVDT Position Sensor HTD-100-3 (6)

After the difference is amplified by the servo amplifier power and converted into a current value, it drives the electro-hydraulic servo valve, actuator, and even the control valve. When the opening of the control valve meets the requirements of the computer input signal, the input deviation of the servo amplifier is zero, so the control valve is in a new stable position.

LVDT Position Sensor 4000TD (1)
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