CS-V hydraulic system filter Differential pressure transmitter

Short Description:

The function of the differential pressure transmitter CS-V is to instruct the staff to clean or replace the filter element in time after the filter element of the oil filter is blocked.

Product Detail

advantages of CS-V Differential pressure transmitter

CS-V differential pressure transmitter has the following advantages:
(1) High power, reliable action, high sensitivity and good seismic performance;
(2) When the hydraulic system starts or the instantaneous flow increases or decreases, no error signal will be sent;
(3) The originally set differential pressure signal value will not be inaccurate due to collision and other reasons;
(4) Equipped with standard hydraulic and electrical wiring sockets, which can be arbitrarily selected from four directions in the installation plane according to the needs during installation;
(5) Not only can the signal of blockage be sent in the form of a switch, but also the control circuit related to the hydraulic system can be cut off in the form of a switch to ensure the safe and normal operation of the main engine and the hydraulic system;

CS-V Differential pressure transmitter Show

CS-V differential pressure transmitter (1)CS-V differential pressure transmitter (4)CS-V differential pressure transmitter (2)CS-V differential pressure transmitter (3)

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