Design Features of Stainless Steel Globe Valve WJ15F-1.6P in Preventing Leakage

Design Features of Stainless Steel Globe Valve WJ15F-1.6P in Preventing Leakage

The bellows globe valve WJ15F-1.6P exhibits several design features in terms of valve sealing and leak prevention, making it perform exceptionally well in specialized scenarios. Here are some design characteristics related to valve sealing and leakage:

WJ series hydrogen system bellows globe valve (1)

  1. 1. Zero Leakage Design: The shut-off valve WJ15F-1.6P ensures high sealing integrity in the closed state, preventing medium leakage, through the special structure of the bellows and the selection of sealing materials. The corrugated structure provides greater deformation space, contributing to maintaining sealing performance even under high-temperature or high-pressure conditions.
  2. 2. Dual Sealing System: The WJ15F-1.6P bellows globe valve employs a dual sealing system, incorporating sealing structures both at the stem and seat, providing additional safety and leak protection.
  3. 3. Compact Structure: The compact structure of the WJ15F-1.6P stainless steel globe valve helps reduce the possibility of leaks, avoiding issues related to leakage at connection points.
  4. 4. High-Temperature Sealing: Designed for use in high-temperature environments, the WJ15F-1.6P globe valve utilizes high-temperature-resistant materials. The valve structure ensures maintained sealing performance even under high-temperature conditions.
  5. 5. Fluid Dynamics Design: Tailored fluid dynamics design for different media minimizes fluid resistance, lowering the risk of leakage for the WJ15F-1.6P bellows globe valve.

WJ Series Bellows Globe Valve (3)
These design features collectively ensure outstanding performance of the WJ15F-1.6P bellows globe valve in terms of sealing and leak prevention, making it suitable for industrial applications where stringent requirements for medium leakage exist.


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