Advantage of Brass Material for Solenoid Valve ZS1DF02N1D16

Advantage of Brass Material for Solenoid Valve ZS1DF02N1D16

The solenoid valve ZS1DF02N1D16 is a two position two way zero pressure differential direct acting solenoid valve, which is a normally open type solenoid valve that opens in a power off state and closes in a power on state. This solenoid valve adopts series production, making it compact and has a large flow rate, thus having a wide range of applications.

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The material of the two position two way solenoid valve ZS1DF02N1D16 can be brass or stainless steel. When brass is used as the valve body material, electromagnetic valves can have the following advantages:

  1. 1. Conductivity: Copper has good conductivity, which can ensure the normal operation of the solenoid valve in the energized state and reduce energy loss.
  2. 2. Thermal conductivity: Copper has high thermal conductivity, which can quickly disperse the heat generated inside the valve, reduce the temperature rise caused by long-term operation of the valve, and extend the service life of the valve.Solenoid Valve ZS1DF02N1D16 (1)_副本
  3. 3. Corrosion resistance: Copper has good corrosion resistance under certain conditions, can resist the corrosion of most acid, alkali, and salt solutions, and is suitable for various media environments.
  4. 4. Mechanical strength: Copper has high mechanical strength and can withstand a certain degree of pressure fluctuations and mechanical impacts, ensuring the stable operation of the valve.
  5. 5. Easy to Process: Copper is soft and easy to process into shape, allowing for the production of complex valve structures that meet the needs of different application scenarios.

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