Flow Control Servo Valve 072-1202-10

Short Description:

Flow Control Servo Valve 072-1202-10 is mainly used for high pressure regulating valve of main machine in power plant, intermediate pressure regulating valve of main steam valve, main steam valve and other parts. When changing oil in the system, the servo valve should be thoroughly cleaned of the oil tank before injecting new oil, and replaced with a flushing plate. After passing through 5~10 μ The m oil filter fills the oil tank with new oil. Start the oil source, flush for more than 24 hours, then replace or clean the filter, and complete the re cleaning of the pipeline and oil tank. If the servo valve is blocked during use, users who do not have the necessary conditions are not allowed to disassemble the servo valve without authorization. Users can replace the filter according to the instructions. If the fault cannot be eliminated, it should be returned to the production unit for repair, troubleshooting, and adjustment.

Product Detail

The Flow Control Servo Valve 072-1202-10 is throttle valves for 3 and preferably 4-way applications. They are a high performance, 2-stage design that covers the range of rated flows from 95 to 225 l/min (25 to 60 gpm) at 35 bar (500 psi) valve pressure drop per spool land. The output stage is a closed center, four-way sliding spool. The pilot stage is a symmetrical double-nozzle and flapper, driven by a double air gap, dry torque motor. Mechanical feedback of spool position is provided by a cantilever spring. The valve design is simple and rugged for dependable, long life operation. These valves are suitable for electrohydraulic position, speed, pressure or force control systems with high dynamic response requirements. The Servo Valve 072-1202-10 is ideally suited for applications in the 95 to 225 l/min (25 to 60 gpm) when superior dynamics are a must. Intrinsically safe valve versions are available for use in applications with potentially hazardous environments. Specific models are certified to FM, ATEX, CSA, TIIS and IECEx standards.

Technical parameter

Valve design 2-stage, with spool and bushing and dry torque motor
Mounting surface ISO 10372-06-05-0-92
Rated flow at µpN 35 bar/spool land 95 l/min 150 l/min 225 l/min
(500 psi/spool land) (25 gpm) (40 gpm) (60 gpm)
Maximum operating pressure to ports P, T, A, B, X 210 bar (3,000 psi)
Pilot Design Nozzle Flapper
Step response time for 0 to 100% stroke 11 ms 18 ms 33 ms

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