Optimize the Replacement Cycle of LH0160D020BN/HC Filter Element

Optimize the Replacement Cycle of LH0160D020BN/HC Filter Element

The filter element LH0160D020BN/HC is specially designed for hydraulic stations. It is used to filter out solid particles and impurities in the hydraulic system medium to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. It has excellent performance and wide application prospects.

hydraulic filter element LH0160D020BN/HC

When using filter element LH0160D020BN/HC, the key to optimizing the replacement cycle to improve cost-effectiveness is to balance the filtration efficiency of the filter element with the maintenance cost of the system. Here are some key strategies:


  • Regularly monitor the pressure drop: By monitoring the pressure drop before and after the filter element, the saturation degree of the filter element can be judged. Regular testing can help determine the appropriate time for replacement and avoid unnecessary early replacement or overuse of filters.
  • Maintain proper operating conditions: Ensuring that the hydraulic system is operating at the appropriate temperature, pressure, and flow rate can reduce the load on the filter element and the accumulation of impurities, thereby extending the service life of the filter element.
  • Reasonable pretreatment of liquid: Before introducing into the hydraulic system, using a coarse filter or magnetic separator to remove large particles and impurities can reduce the workload of the filter element and extend its service life.
  • Pay attention to the quality and purity of the hydraulic oil: Maintaining the quality and purity of the hydraulic oil is critical to extending the service life of the filter element. Regular testing and maintenance of hydraulic oil to remove moisture, impurities and oxidation products can reduce the load on the filter element and extend its service life.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the filter element and hydraulic system can reduce the accumulation of dirt and impurities on the filter element. Ensuring that the filter element is kept clean and in good working order will help improve its filtration efficiency and service life.
  • Monitoring and maintenance: By regularly monitoring the performance indicators of the filter element, such as pressure difference and pollution level, the replacement time can be accurately judged. At the same time, ensure that operators understand the correct installation and replacement procedures of filter elements, as well as daily inspection and maintenance.
  • Purchasing and Waste Utilization: Purchasing filters in bulk can reduce unit costs, while proper recycling or reuse of old filters can reduce waste.
  • Preventive maintenance: Develop a preventive maintenance plan and regularly inspect and replace filter elements to avoid sudden failures and downtime and improve work efficiency.

hydraulic filter element LH0160D020BN/HC
By implementing these strategies, the replacement cycle of the filter element LH0160D020BN/HC can be optimized, extending service life while maximizing cost-effectiveness and ensuring the stability and performance of the hydraulic system.

There are other different filter elements used in power plants as below. Contact Yoyik for more types and details.
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