Steam turbine Servo Valve J761-003A

Short Description:

The servo valve J761-003A is also an excellent equipment servo valve, suitable for electro-hydraulic position, speed, pressure or force control systems that require high dynamic response, providing guarantees for the safe and efficient operation of the system.

Product Detail

The servo valve J761-003A is a force feedback two-stage flow control valve. The Torque motor of the valve adopts the overall welding process, which is firm in structure and can operate in harsh environments. The unique structure of the jet pipe amplifier can pass 200um pollution particles, with a resolution of<0.1%, and can be applied to a wide range of working pressures, even at 0.5MPa oil supply pressure.

Technical parameters

Applicable medium EH fire-resistant oil
Working temperature ≤ 135 ℃
Purpose Electrohydraulic conversion
Pressure environment 210bar
Material quenched stainless steel

Remark: The model has now been upgraded to G761-3033B.

Working principle

1. Two stage design: The J761-003A servo valve adopts a two stage design, with two valve cores, each responsible for different control functions, and can work independently or collaboratively to achieve precise control of hydraulic flow and pressure;

2. Dynamic response: This servo valve meets the high dynamic response requirements with extremely high response speed. By accurately adjusting the valve core position, it achieves high-precision control of position, speed, pressure or force, enabling the system to respond quickly and stably to support;

3. Valve pressure reduction: Each valve core can reduce the valve pressure to 35 bar (500 psi). This means that the J761-003A servo valve can operate under lower pressure conditions to meet the specific requirements of the system.


servo valve J761-003A plays an important role in TVB and is widely used in the following areas:

1. Electrohydraulic position control system: J761-003A can be used to control the position of hydraulic cylinders or actuators, achieving accurate positioning of mechanical equipment. It can be used to adjust the position of valve cores to control hydraulic flow, ensuring that the system operates at the set position.

2. Electrohydraulic speed control system: Servo valves can accurately control hydraulic flow, enabling the system to achieve predetermined speed requirements. In power plants, J761-03A servo valves can be used to adjust the position of valve cores, control hydraulic flow, and achieve precise speed control of equipment or mechanical components

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