Eddy Current Sensor PR6424/010-010: Adapting to High Temperature High Pressure Steam Turbines

Eddy Current Sensor PR6424/010-010: Adapting to High Temperature High Pressure Steam Turbines

Accurate monitoring of shaft displacement is crucial for ensuring equipment safety and improving operational efficiency during the operation of power plant steam turbines. Eddy current sensors, as a non-contact monitoring technology, have been widely used in the field of shaft displacement monitoring. Especially in high-temperature and high-pressure steam turbine environments, the adaptability, reliability, and accuracy of eddy current sensors are key factors in evaluating their suitability for shaft displacement monitoring.


The working principle of eddy current sensor PR6424/010-010 is based on electromagnetic induction. When the coil in the sensor passes through alternating current, an alternating magnetic field is generated around the iron core. When the iron core moves due to the displacement of the axis, the current in the coil will change, resulting in an electromotive force proportional to the displacement. By measuring this electromotive force, the displacement of the shaft can be determined.

Eddy Current Sensor PR6424/010-010

In order to adapt to the high-temperature and high-pressure steam turbine environment, the eddy current sensor PR6424/010-010 adopts various special technologies and materials in the design and manufacturing process. Firstly, the sensor body and coil are made of high-temperature resistant materials, such as heat-resistant alloys or special thermoplastic plastics, to ensure stable performance of the sensor in high-temperature environments. Secondly, the design of the sensor takes into account the pressure resistance requirements, using high-pressure certified electronic components and sealing technology to prevent leakage of high-pressure media.


In addition, in order to cope with electromagnetic interference in the turbine environment, eddy current sensors have good anti-interference ability. This enables the sensor to provide reliable measurement results even in strong electromagnetic interference and harsh environments. In terms of protection level, the sensor has a protection level of IP67 or higher to ensure that the sensor is not affected by external factors in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.


When installing sensors, it is necessary to consider the impact of high temperature and high pressure. Sensors are usually installed in relatively safe areas, such as near bearings, rather than being directly exposed to high-temperature and high-pressure media. Before installation, the sensor needs to undergo strict calibration and testing to ensure that its performance meets the specifications under high temperature and pressure conditions.


In summary, the eddy current sensor PR6424/010-010 has demonstrated excellent shaft displacement monitoring capabilities in high-temperature and high-pressure steam turbine environments due to its excellent adaptability, reliability, and accuracy. This provides strong guarantees for the safe operation and efficient maintenance of power plant steam turbines.


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