APH Fan oil cooler GLC3-41.6

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The APH Fan oil cooler GLC3-4/1.6 is used in thin oil lubrication systems and hydraulic systems in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, mining, cement, electricity, light industry, food, chemical industry, papermaking, etc., to cool the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil in the system. The cooler cools the hot working oil to the required temperature in the thin oil lubrication device, hydraulic station, and oil pressure equipment.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The APH Fan oil cooler GLC3-4/1.6 consists of two oil coolers with the same area and a three-way valve device, one working and one standby. Each cooler can bear the cooling load of the entire system. The tube plate is fixed at one end, and the floating and detachable tube bundle and water chamber cover at the other end facilitate cleaning, inspection, and maintenance during operation. There are multiple options for the material of the cooler based on the usage location and water system conditions.


Working pressure 1.6MPa
Nominal cooling area 4 ㎡
Working temperature ≤ 120 ℃
Oil water flow ratio around 1:1
Heat exchange coefficient ≤ 350W/㎡·k
Structure Heat exchange tube
Installation form horizontal

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1. The APH Fan oil cooler GLC3-4/1.6 adopts bare tube (Unrolled fins on the surface) heat transfer tube, which has high heat transfer coefficient of the outer membrane of the tube and strong anti-pollution ability.

2. The APH Fan oil cooler GLC3-4/1.6 adopts copper tubes and is processed into finned heat dissipation fins, resulting in a small product volume and a large heat exchange area.

3. The spiral guide plate of the oil cooler enables the cooled liquid to continuously and uniformly roll in a spiral shape, overcoming the cold and heat exchange efficiency generated by the baffle guide plate.

4. The oil cooler adopts an expansion tube type seal, which overcomes the changes in material after high-temperature welding.

5. The oil cooler has good structural performance, stable sealing performance, high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, and small floor area.

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