DC Vertical lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4

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DC Vertical lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4 is used to transport turbine oil and various fluid lubricating oils with lubricating functions. It is mainly composed of machine base, bearing chamber, connecting pipe, volute, shaft, impeller, and other components. Before assembling the oil pump, burring and repeatedly clean all parts and components, and confirm that the cleanliness meets the requirements before assembling. It is suitable for supplying normal temperature turbine oil to lubricating systems such as 15-1000MW steam turbine generator units, gas turbine generator units, and power turbines.

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Structural characteristics

The structural characteristics of 125LY-35-4 AC lubricating oil pump are: a bearing chamber is installed on the upper end of the coupling pipe, and two rows of face-to-face mounted angular contact ball bearings are installed in the bearing chamber. The model is 7314ACM, which bears the axial force of the entire rotor component. The connecting pipe connects the volute and the pump base, and a guide bearing is installed inside the volute to ensure the centering and stable operation of the rotor part. The motor power is transmitted to the impeller inside the volute through the pump shaft, thereby transferring the turbine oil to the working pipeline. The lubrication of the thrust bearing and the guide bearing is solved by the lubricating oil pumped by the pump.

The guide bearing of the lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4 is made of carbon black material and has good oil abrasion resistance. However, in the absence of oil, starting without oil will generate high temperatures between the shaft and the guide bearing, thereby burning the guide bearing, so it is absolutely not allowed to start without oil. The rotation direction of the pump is clockwise when viewed downward from the motor end. You can confirm whether the rotation direction is consistent with the specified rotation by opening the pump seat observation hole and observing the rotation direction of the coupling. The pump cannot be reversed.


1. Before assembling the lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4, clean the parts repeatedly. During assembly, use a towel and dough to clean the surface of the parts while assembling, and coat them with antirust oil.

2. During assembly, it is necessary to be light and fine, and it is not allowed to knock violently to avoid foreign matters entering the pump or damaging components. The guide bearing material is carbon black, and only press assembly can be used during assembly to avoid damaging the guide bearing.

3. In order to ensure the straightness of the shaft, do not forcefully knock or collide with the thin end of the shaft during assembly.

spare parts of lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4

lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4 spares (4) lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4 spares (3) lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4 spares (2)lubricating oil pump 125LY-23-4 spares (1)

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