Why Does Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-04 Need Calibration and Adjustment?

Why Does Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-04 Need Calibration and Adjustment?

ZS-04 electromagnetic speed sensor is a kind of speed sensor with high cost performance and wide application. The causes for calibration and adjustment of the speed sensor ZS-04 are as follows:

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  • Precision requirements: rotational speed sensor ZS-04 is used to measure the speed of steam turbine. The accuracy of the sensor is very important for measuring the rotating rotor. Through calibration and adjustment, it can ensure that the rotational speed data output by the sensor is accurate and reliable, and conforms to the actual situation.ZS-04 Rotational Speed Sensor (2)
  • Magnetic field change: the speed probe ZS-04 uses the magnetic field induction principle to measure the speed. However, the intensity and direction of the magnetic field may be affected by external environmental and operating conditions, such as temperature variations, magnetic field disturbances, etc. Calibration and adjustment can help to correct the magnetic induction characteristics of the sensor to reduce the influence of these factors on the measurement results.
  • Manufacturing differences: During the production process, manufacturing differences of the speed sensor are inevitable. There may be small differences between different sensors, such as sensitivity, response time, etc. Through calibration and adjustment, the performance of different sensors can be more consistent, and the stability and comparability of the entire sensor system can be improved.ZS-04 Rotational Speed Sensor (3)
  • Long-term use: The performance of the sensor may change over time. For example, a magnetic field sensing element may attenuate due to prolonged use, resulting in inaccurate measurements. Calibration and adjustment can periodically check and correct the performance of the sensor to ensure its accuracy and stability during long-term use.

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In a word, the calibration and adjustment of rotational speed sensor ZS-04 is to ensure its accuracy, resist external interference, improve consistency and ensure its reliability in long-term use. This ensures that the sensor provides accurate speed measurement data to meet specific application requirements.


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  • Post time: Sep-26-2023