FY-40 floating valve of Generator seal oil float tank

Short Description:

FY-40 floating valve uses the actuator of the ball-float lever to control the conical needle plug installed in the valve plug According to the hydraulic amplification principle, the valve plug is opened to drain the oil as the needle plug moves, in order to control the liquid-level in the oil tank. The valve system is mainly used to control the liquid-level of the sealing oil tank in the turbo generator, so that the oil is kept in the liquid-level range. It can also be used in the oil-drain valve of the single circuit seal oil tank

Product Detail

Structure and function characteristics

FY-40 floating valve comprises the actuator of the ball-float lever and the regulating plug controlled by the needle plug for hydraulic amplification. The valve uses differential pressure area which indicates the left area of the piston is bigger than the right one. The inlet pressure oil enters the left cavity of the piston through a vent on the left, so as to make the right side of the piston pressed tightly on the open sealing surface. Buoyancy increases along with the liquid-level of the oil tank rises, and the floating ball moves upwards. The needle plug moves to the left by the lever force, and the oil in the left cavity is drained through the vent under the needle plug. When the left pressure decreases, the piston moves to the left as the needle plug moves under the differential pressure. The piston is open and starts to drain. Otherwise, the piston is closed and stops draining when the liquid-level drops to a certain.

Main technical parameters

Main Technical Parameters of FY-40 floating valve:

1. Nominal pressure: 0.5 MPa
2. Diameter: φ40mm
3. Max working stroke: 10 mm
4. Max discharge capacity (Full open and working pressure 0.5 MPa) 300 L/min

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